Frequently Asked Questions


when do I send in my parts to be serviced?

you are able to send in parts for service whenever you are ready, after you have a order.

what should I include in my shipment?

please only send parts necessary for your order request - include a note with order request details and contact information.

if you are getting both top and bottom end work done, we ask to send the complete firearm.

how do I send in my full gun or serialized part?

we suggest shipping through UPS online - signature required or through a local FFL - please include a copy of your ID.

return shipping may be asked for to ensure proper insurance for the value of parts sent in.

please note, if you send in work through a local FFL it will be shipped back to the FFL from which it shipped from.

ship to, our address:

Dave Simcik - 270 W 21st Street - Holland Michigan 49423

can I drop off or pick-up for service?

yes, that is possible - however, we do not have a storefront. this option is available by appointment only. please use contact section or call us for arrangements.


yes, we do offer a discount code for all: law enforcement, active military, veterans and first responders!

please contact us for code.


turnaround times

what are your turnaround times?

our turnaround times are estimated and completion dates may change. each project is different and we strive to prioritize quality and satisfaction overall. we work diligently to minimize our backlog, acknowledging the annoyance of extended wait periods. please bear in mind our dedication to getting it right, even if it takes a bit longer, as we believe in prioritizing quality over speed. our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

general porting, internal/trigger work and optic cut turnaround times:

typically turnaround time for standard porting, internal/trigger work and optic cuts are around 2 weeks.

cerakote and laser work turnaround times:

single color cerakote services turnaround times are around 3 weeks.

multicam / design cerakote services turnaround times are around 5/6 weeks.

custom laser work services turnaround time vary between 1 week and 4 weeks.

surface treatment turnaround times:

any sort of order that includes a : barrel, slide, frame or small part surface treatment turnaround time is a minimum 4 weeks - on average 5/6 weeks.

custom work / extreme machining services such as conversion turnaround times:

typically conversion turnaround is between 8 - 12 weeks.

please note that with custom work such as conversions that involve extreme machining turnaround times could change without notice as each lead time are best guess estimates.

items needed for service:

regular porting services

slide and barrel - please remove optic

optic cut packages

slide only - please remove optic, leave internals

dsc windows or lightening cuts

slide only - will not need barrel or recoil spring

internal or trigger work

bottom half only - please remove top half.

action job

slide only

weld & blend lci

barrel only

flush cut reverse crown barrel

please contact, barrel required - slide may be necessary depending on model


complete firearm

coating and surface treatments

please only send in the parts you have requested to be coated

top and bottom work

if you are getting multiple services done at once that involve both top and bottom work, please send in complete firearm

other common questions:

do your services void my products warranty?

yes, majority of our services actually would void your warranty

can you re-cut my slide for a different optic?

unfortunately, if your slide has already been cut for an optic - it cannot be re-cut to accept a different optic footprint

do you have a recommended ammo type for after porting services have been completed?

with firearms that utilize stock recoil spring we have noticed that shelf/store bought ammo is efficient

can you port my comp-block gun?

we do not offer any sort of porting service for comp-block or sight-block models

why won't you tri-top my prodigy gen 2 slide?

the gen 2 slide is less than 0.060 thick at the thinnest areas of internal lightened stretch. tri-top depth is 0.040 cut and would make the remaining layer 0.020 thick - that is not at all ethical for machining, gunsmith or longevity